1. Payment upon receipt (cash on delivery)
You can pay for your order upon receipt if the shipment was sent by Russian Post, EMS Russian Post or Sdec courier service. Please note that upon delivery of goods by cash on delivery, an additional Commission of 5% of the order price is charged for making a money transfer. Payment is made at the Post office or by courier. This payment method is valid only on the territory of the Russian Federation.

2. Payment on account (only for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs)
In this case, you need to send your details by email, or specify them in the comments to the order.

3. Payment by VISA/MasterCard, e-money to be made via the Yandex office. Which includes payments from Bank cards, Electronic money, Internet banking, Lending, as well as from the phone balance and cash.

4. To our Sberbank card in the terminals or via Sberbank Online.You can get all the necessary details from our Manager, and payment by this method brings-a 5% discount.