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Small Zasapozhny knife (Bulat, deep etching, Nickel silver, stabilized Karelian birch)


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The material of a handle: Stabilized Karelian birch
Blade length, mm: 95 mm
Steel grade: Damask
Handle length, mm: 120 mm
Blade width, mm: 30 mm
Total length, mm: 215 mm
Steel hardness, HRC 61-62
The thickness of the butt, mm: 4 mm
The thickness of the handle (at Wed parts), mm: 20 mm
The width of the handle (at Wed parts), mm: 30 mm

Dear customer! Each knife that we produce comes complete with a case (scabbard) made of genuine leather and a certificate of compliance-permission and all this is Packed in branded packaging. Beware of fakes!!!

Product description

      The knife is intended for the hunter when cutting the carcass of a wild animal, the tourist for chopping wood, opening canned food, cutting ropes, removing turf. Very high-quality, beautiful, working knife. It keeps sharpening well, the edges do not bite out, the hardness is 64 units.according to Rockwell,it is made by casting in a crucible, followed by forging and etching.Pritin knife consists of cast Nickel silver with a pattern that emphasizes the beauty of the product.
   The handle is made of stabilized Karelian birch. Stabilization takes place in the vacuum Anacreon, when all the air voids of the wood are filled with the polyester. The result is a very strong handle that is not afraid of water.
   Buying this knife-you get an irreplaceable and reliable assistant for your purposes.

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Small Zasapozhny knife (Bulat, deep etching, Nickel silver, stabilized Karelian birch) reviews

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