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Chekist's knife (Damascus steel, black hornbeam, cast star or brass)

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The material of a handle: Black hornbeam
Blade length, mm: 127 mm
Steel grade: Damascus
Handle length, mm: 123 mm
Blade width, mm: 23 mm
Total length, mm: 250 mm
Steel hardness, HRC 61-63
The thickness of the butt, mm: 2.4 mm
The thickness of the handle (at Wed parts), mm: 20 mm
The width of the handle (at Wed parts), mm: 25 mm
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Dear customer! Each knife that we produce comes complete with a case (scabbard) made of genuine leather and a certificate of compliance-permission and all this is Packed in branded packaging. Beware of fakes!!!

Product description

     Finka NKVD-replica knife. In the early to mid-1930-ies in the RSFSR NKVD as a special means of getting from 1935 Finnish knife (in some documents "knife Norwegian" or "Swedish" type), manufactured in several strains of plant "Trud" (earlier factory industrialist Kondratova) in the village of Vacha Nizhny Novgorod region. The basis of the "NKVD knife" was a copy of the Swedish knife made by P. Holmberg, which was banned as a "Finnish knife". The knife was characterized by either a straight butt, or a butt with a characteristic bevel - "pike", dales, and the Finnish type of handle head. A distinctive feature from the Finnish pukko was the developed curved guard, often S-shaped. Before the guard on the blade was left not sharpened heel, to transfer in some grabs of the index finger on the blade. The knife was not officially in service, but was issued as a duffel allowance.

Chekist's knife, tank knives.
damascus steel

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Chekist's knife (Damascus steel, black hornbeam, cast star or brass) reviews

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