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Knife Forester (95x18 forged, brass, black hornbeam)


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The material of a handle: Black hornbeam
Blade length, mm: 145 mm
Steel grade: 95x18
Handle length, mm: 125 mm
Blade width, mm: 30 mm
Total length, mm: 270 mm
Steel hardness, HRC 57-59
The thickness of the butt, mm: 2.4 mm
The thickness of the handle (at Wed parts), mm: 22 mm
The width of the handle (at Wed parts), mm: 32 mm

Dear customer! Each knife that we produce comes complete with a case (scabbard) made of genuine leather and a certificate of compliance-permission and all this is Packed in branded packaging. Beware of fakes!!!

Product description

     Hunting knife Forester made of Steel 95x18 with brass casting and a handle made of black hornbeam, assembled with a hairpin with a diameter of 8 mm and a thread at the end, is a reliable universal tool for professional hunters, for scalding small and medium-sized animals, both for Hiking and for tourist purposes. The knife is made of steel 95x18-completely stainless metal, is not afraid of moisture, dirt, or acid-base environments.It keeps sharpening well .The blade is polished, which additionally protects its property from external influences.The blade is strong, holds a large load on the transverse fracture, hardness 57-60 units. Rockwell, which is the Golden mean for use when cutting carcasses, opening metal cans, planing wood and other work.At the same time, it is directed even in field conditions with the cheapest fine-grained bar.
     The handle is made of black hornbeam, which is a fine-pored wood, which eliminates the possibility of exposure to moisture.Very strong wood, copes with large temperature changes, does not crack,does not dry out.It is easy to wash in case of contamination with running water.
    Excellent and high-quality Assembly of this knife is approved by the lemax knife Factory in the form of a brand logo inserted into the handle of the knife.
    Buying this knife is always a good mood and an excellent choice!

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