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Finnish knife (X12MF, Karelian birch) 5.00 3


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The material of a handle: Karelian birch
Blade length, mm: 130 mm
Steel grade: KH12MF
Handle length, mm: 120 mm
Blade width, mm: 23 mm
Total length, mm: 250 mm
Steel hardness, HRC 61-62
The thickness of the butt, mm: 4 mm
The thickness of the handle (at Wed parts), mm: 20 mm
The width of the handle (at Wed parts), mm: 27 mm

Dear customer! Each knife that we produce comes complete with a case (scabbard) made of genuine leather and a certificate of compliance-permission and all this is Packed in branded packaging. Beware of fakes!!!

Product description

     The Finnish knife is a special type of knife that was widely used in the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union in the first half of the XX century. The popularity of knives from Finland (puukko) has led to the fact that Finnish in Russia began to be called almost any knife with a straight blade and a bevel of the butt ("pike"), regardless of the place of manufacture. This model of knife is used for hunting, fishing, and tourism.

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Finnish knife (X12MF, Karelian birch) reviews

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Оценка пользователя
February 3, 2021 08:13
финскиий нож


геометрия и качество испонения

Оценка пользователя
June 15, 2020 14:42
Финский Х12МФ


Отличный нож

Оценка пользователя
June 25, 2019 22:37
Нож Финский


Нож Финский сталь Х12МФ превзошел ожидания. . Благодарю! От заказа до получения 3 дня. Магазин постоянно на связи и информирует! Удачи! И успехов!

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