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Extreme Knife

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The material of a handle: Elastron
Blade length, mm: 125 mm
Steel grade: stainless steel 65X13
Handle length, mm: 110 mm
Blade width, mm: 20 mm
Total length, mm: 235 mm
Steel hardness, HRC 52-55
The thickness of the butt, mm: 4 mm
The thickness of the handle (at Wed parts), mm: 21 mm
The width of the handle (at Wed parts), mm: 32 mm

Extreme knife with a rubber handle, a great survival knife in an extreme environment.It is not a cold weapon.Certified.Manufacturer's quality guarantee.

Product description

  Knife Extreme-an excellent combination of several types of tools for different functions.

  The knife consists of an American tanto type blade, with a saw on the butt of the blade and a hook.The handle is made of non-slip rubber on the injection molding machine, has a hole for the lanyard.

  The set includes a sheath made of plastic with Windows for attaching the knife to the unloading, belt, or other other way.

  On the guard of the handle there is a latch in the form of a collar from non-falling of the knife from the scabbard.

  There is a company logo on the case and handle.Beware of fakes!

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