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Damask knives

        Damask knives in stock and under the order in the shop of the lemax knife Factory.

       Damask steel is a cast slab of numerous grades of steel with the addition of alloying elements and further loosened into blanks in the size of the future blade, which combines good strength and hardness indicators up to 64 units.according to Rockwell, it keeps sharpening for a long time, has a quite affordable price.

      Serial knives in this category are made of: a blade made of this steel, a handle made of stabilized Karelian birch of any color, an Assembly with a hairpin along the entire length of the handle.

     The factory can complete the handle from any material, any model at the request of our dear client. The kit is supplied with: knife, genuine calfskin case 4 mm thick, branded box, certificate of conformity.

     The factory provides free warranty service ,which includes sharpening the cutting edge of the blade, repairing and polishing the handle, correcting minor defects that have occurred as a result of using the knife.

    When storing and using the knife for its intended purpose, always keep it dry, without a scabbard, with a thin layer of oil applied!!!

   We are always ready to help you choose our products, advise you, choose the right model, and make a comfortable delivery.

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Handle length, mm:
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Blade width, mm:
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The thickness of the butt, mm:
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