Without violating the traditions of our knife - making ancestors and taking into account their vast experience, as well as the needs of modern life, extracting all the pros and cons in today's knife craft, we, in turn, namely the well-known company "Dirks of Russia", represented by Alexey Pavlochev and the company "Blade", represented by Maxim Zhbanov, United on November 27, 2017 in a single enterprise "lemax" knife Factory to create knife products.

A variety of knife grades of steel from leading European steel mills, the use of stabilized (canned) wood for knife handles, the refined design of the knife blade as an extension of the human hand and soul, high quality products-all found application in the knife line of the plant. If you are in our store, then you need a knife. The variety of knife products is currently huge, as they say - the eyes run away, there are a lot of offers for taste and color, for any purse.

First, ask yourself what purpose you need a knife for and try to find a suitable one on our website. If you find it difficult, call us for free, or write to us using the feedback in the contacts section, and our managers will give you full advice on the purpose of the knife, steel grades, handle materials, and even a verbal portrait of the future owner!

Don't be surprised, because a knife is an individual, it is a person's character. For gourmets of aesthetics and connoisseurs of beauty, when choosing a gift in the artistic performance of a knife, your fantasies will move to a knife in our performance, and under your strict guidance, a unique idea in metal and wood will be born, because our masters can do a lot!
Our company's motto is from the well-forgotten old to the new, without breaking the tradition of old artisans. These words are the essence of our strategy-quality, and quality again!

Thank you for your attention and hope for mutual cooperation!